Edmonton Auto Recycle - A Guide for Vehicle Recycling

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Automobile recycling is very useful for our planet earth. We have seen large auto scrap yard where auto disposal work is being carried out. The salvage yards are filled with accident and damaged cars. With our service of auto disposal that piece of land can be used for other productive work like growing crops or setting up industry.

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Auto recycling process will help us save our environment. Our auto recycling service aims at helping you get rid of automobile scrap. We tow away your car to our automotive junk yard, where we dismantle the old cars to send then for auto recycling. In this process, we reuse the machine parts which look good. This process of auto recycle reduces the danger of landfill.

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With the help in auto recycling, the need for mining reduces; there is a reason to believe it. When we do automobile recycling of one ton steel we can save approximately 2500 pound of iron ore, 1400 pounds of coal and limestone of 210 pounds. This means less industrial mining, which will lead to better energy conservation and reduction in greenhouse gases.

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Automobile recycling will make sure that the junk car is used properly for the industry purpose and the toxic residue is not being dumped as a landfill. The auto recycle process avoids the oil and lubricant from mixing in the ground water reducing the risk of contamination in the water. Iron and other metal mixing with the soil can affect the yielding capacity of the land, which also leads to greenhouse effect. The land might become barren because of this auto salvage yards.

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The junk car dumped in your auto scrap yard can bring fine or problem for you, Automobile recycling service will help you keep away those problems, will bring cash for your scrap car and also help the environment to be free from such unnecessary dumps of auto disposal.

If we take care in managing our auto recycling, Go Green Auto recycling service assures you of a better future with clean and green environment. Hire our service today and do you little for saving the environment.