Top Cash For your Junk Cars in Edmonton

Scrap My Junk Car

If you are looking for selling or getting rid of your old car, call us, we pay cash for junk cars. The scheme is valid for all types of junk cars. The eligible amount is paid in cash for your junk car. We do the verification and assessment to give you the exact estimate of amount you will receive.

The scheme of paying cash for junk cars is also known as Cash for Clunkers. In the year 2009, President Barack Obama had launched this campaign to pick you old and outdated junk cars from the market, place new and comfortable cars on the road. The scheme had attracted people to sell and receive cash for junk cars. You can also make a trade-off between the old car and receive cash for your junk car.

There are many Cash for Clunkers service providers available in the market, but we give you the detailed process understanding and the calculation for the amount paid in cash for your junk car. It is important to have fair deal done with the customer. We believe in customer satisfaction and upgrading their information about the car and its spare part re-usability.

You can get the cash for your junk car in an exchange offer of new car as well. The company will give you discount for the car you exchange according to the model and condition of the car. You cannot expect any value for a scrap piece of metal in a showroom, in that condition, the only option left is coming to us for selling your car and being paid in cash for junk cars.

Our services include on the spot assessment of the junk car, cash paid for junk car and towing service free of charge. You are relived from the headache of taking the car to any car recycler, getting the assessment done and wait for the payment to be released. We believe in getting the cash paid for the junk cards immediately, helping the customer buy a new car of their choice. The business of car recycling is user-friendly now with us. Don’t wait, pick up your phone and call us for the Cash for Clunkers .